【Typical Greek Cuisine】What & Where I ate in Santorini


Typical Greek food I ate in Santorini

Horiatiki Salata
Greek Salad
Kalamarakia Yemista
Stuffed Squid
Midia Saganaki
Mussels with feta cheese
in tomato sauce
Grilled Meat
Grilled Seafood
Kalamarakia Yemista
Stuffed Squid


Baked eggplant,
potato and beef sauce
1.Garides Saganaki – Shrimps with feta cheese in tomato sauce
2.Fava – Yellow Split Peas Puree










Greek beer











Must eat

There are soooo many yummy dishes in traditional Greek cuisine, here are my favourite foods and tips to eat in Santorini:

  • feta cheese – super fresh and not salty like the one you get at supermarket
  • greek yogurt – thick texture, it’s delicious to eat with honey and nuts for the breakfast
  • stuffed squid – tender and full of flavor
  • Moussaka – my top favourite! very creamy and I just like it!

Must-have dining experience in Santorini

  • Wine tasting with the breathtaking Aegean Sea and Caldera view

P8070274 (1).jpgSanto Wines Winery

  • Unmissable breakfast at your hotel on the cliff

Greek OmelettePicturesque view in the morning.
On the Rocks Hotel

  • Enjoy sunset at a restaurantOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As I told the secret to avoid the crowd for sunset in Oia, I highly recommend to find a restaurant to sit and drink while enjoying the sunset, it is definitely chill and relax. Be sure to make a reservation in advance, it could be quite full during the peak season.
(also having a wine tasting at Santo Wines Winery during the sunset was a good experience)

Restaurant recommendations

As a popular honey-moon spot, there are full of luxury restaurants with Caldera view at the west side of Santorini, you can easily to find one on internet, however, if you want to taste the local Greek food at a reasonable price, it is better to do some research. In our trip, sometimes we were disappointed by the horrible restaurants which we found randomly, so I hope the list below can give you a little bit help:

  • Captain’s Corner Taverna – authentic taste, good value
    Must try: Moussaka, grilled squid, grilled fish & seafood
    Location: Kamari
  • Alismari – good value and location, good idea for both relaxing lunch or romantic dinner at beach-front
    Must try: grilled seafood mixed for 2
    Location: Kamari beach
  • To Pinakio – always on the top ranking on tripadvisor, we wanted to go there but was always full, that’s a good sign
    Must try: typical Greek dishes
    Location: Kamari Square


– we stay in Kamari for 4 days, we found that there are a lot of good-looking restaurants with good prices, be careful to choose one which is worth to eat.

– many restaurants on the Kamari beach offer free sun-beds and umbrellas if you are eating there, get a try to make a reservation for the front row of the beds, it’s absolutely exclusive!

– beware if you order seafood recommended by waiter without knowing the price, it could be a tourist trap! Don’t be hesitate to ask about the price before you place the order.

Till next time Santorini!


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